From 1966 to 2005, Star Trek entertained, fascinated and kept generations spellbound as its captains and crews followed the call to "Seek out new life, new civilizations." Captains of the Star Trek on all the captainsCaptain James T. KirkCaptain Benjamin SiskoOpening themeCaptain Katherine JanewayCaptain Jean Luc Picard More than just another television series, it became part of our culture and many parts of it, once considered futuristic, are now part of society. The Star Trek vision carried on through five television series and countless movies.
In the last series, Enterprise, the creators of this sci-fi series decided to look backwards to the very beginning of Warp space travel. Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), this Enterprise was set about 100 years before the time of James T. Kirk and company and featured a Vulcan first officer.
When will it end? Or will it ever? Only the future knows for certain. Until then, sit back and enjoy the ride. Or as Captain Jean-Luc Picard is so fond of saying..."Make it so!"
If you prefer moving through time rather then space, then head over to the Endless Frontier.

Ships, ships and more ships...all bearing the mark of...Enterprise!


46 Things That Never Happen 
on Star Trek

Warning..unstable dimensional pocket. Prepare for trans-dimensional jump to mirror universe

The Delta Flyer is destroyed in Unimatrix Zero
The Delta Flyer is destroyed in Unimatrix Zero. Check to see what aliens and entities the crews of the Enterprises and Voyager has encountered.

Remembering Mr. Scott

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